"A ceremony of your love & commitment, held in connection & honour to one another & the sacred earth."



Congratulations on taking the step to celebrate your connection & commitment.
I am Magenta Grace, I have 12 years of experience as a Celebrant. I follow a Druid Path which deepens my understanding for this particular Ceremony.
Handfasting Ceremony

A Handfasting Ceremony is considered traditionally as a Pagan Ceremony. If we go back into history most could not afford rings and hands were bound by ribbons or cloth as vows were exchanged.

For us the Pagan Handfasting carries a deeper connection that considers the Land, time and place by connecting the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water all within a Sacred Circle. This will fit for some yet not all.

Many couples are looking for a Humanist Non Religious Ceremony held in Nature. Within this a Handfasting is a perfect answer. Should you wish this Rings may be exchanged and hands covered by cloth instead.

A Humanist Ceremony allows you the freedom to choose when, where and how. Traditionally a Handfasted Ceremony lasts a year and a day. Vows to be renewed following this.

It is not a legally binding Ceremony. In this regard you would be Married by a Registrar and hold the Ceremony afterwards or have a Registrar present.

Prices from £525.00


*Pricing includes time before & during the Ceremony

(often we need to allow 24 hours if not longer for travel etc) 

*Face to face messaging
*Writing the Ceremony
*A copy of your Handfasting Scroll
*Use of Loving Cup and Mead to celebrate
*Yew Bench

*A selection of Sacred Altar Cloths
*Sacred Smudging 
*Lanterns and Candles

* Handmade Besom Broom


*Supply of personalised Ribbons (extra)
*Presentation Box for the Scroll & or Ribbons (extra) 
*Use of our Bell Tent and or Canopy (extra) 


Based in Suffolk, however I travel to accommodate your choice of location.

Mileage & overnight stay charges apply, to be discussed upon booking.